Reclaiming Youth

by Let It Go

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released May 27, 2012



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Let It Go Ellsworth, Maine

Hardcore from Bangor, Maine.

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Track Name: Animosity
A young man serves his country in a dry desert land
Four year vacation cut short by a roadside bomb

Yes he made it back but only half of a man
Animosity for a country that left him for dead
now back home he shakes in his bed
He remembers his youth and the life that he had
Track Name: Reclaiming Youth
I watched that fire inside you burn to grey
That fight for life you had went away
Youth's spirit died here with everything you ever lived for
I'm not willing for my soul to wither and fade away

I remember the names of the ones who fell victim to time

What are you willing to find?
The truth is inside you
All those wasted years
will you let them define you?

I remember those days - this is an ode to youth reclaimed

I will remember your name
I will carry your honor to my grave
I'm reclaiming my youth
I'm reclaiming my youth
Track Name: Trapped
I need to get out of here and leave this all behind
I've burned all my bridges and I'm running out of time

It seems my stars were never meant to fucking shine
They have sadly fallen out of line

Without the reign of terror over every change
We are exactly as before - we are the fucking same

Not one word will slip through these dry cracked lips
nor contact be made with these hidden eyes
if there's one thing that I despise
it's believing in my own goddamn lies
Track Name: Reignite
You killed the child inside her
for your own goddamn satisfaction
Denied the chance to bloom
in fear she wilted to a shadow of her own compassion

Reignite your soul

A hostile world has swallowed her whole
her unsung youth dances on a wire
the time has come to reconnect
A revolution rages unsilent
Not afraid of what's next to come
From the bottom of her soul she screamed 'I'm reclaiming my youth'

Sat in silence for far too long - these chains are bound to break.
Track Name: Rapture
Where do I begin?
I think I'm giving in
on every ounce of strength I had to get me to the end
The countless times I've been through this cycle
this time I said it wouldn't happen again
I found myself right back here holding onto this same pen

This is your calling for all of you who choose to feel
The heart in music and not the sounds of strings and steel

I'm at war with my mind
A fight I thought I was loosing
but with every word I write I'm beginning to see the light
Track Name: Springtide
You told me stories of two brothers
in a small northern Maine town
You were just like us, you and my father
Brother called to tell me the news
Just like you I didn't want to believe it
I didn't wanna believe it

I'm holding on to memories
of sun soaked youth and the best of times
as time still moves my regrets remain buried here
I find no use carrying them with me

I felt that pain inside - I let it go

With PBR and CCR I remember who you are
As each day slips through my grasp
there is one thing I'll always remember
'Some men never live - Some men never die' - Bukowski
I'm keeping your memory alive by living mine