S​/​T 2010

by Let It Go

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released July 1, 2010



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Let It Go Ellsworth, Maine

Hardcore from Bangor, Maine.

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Track Name: Action Jackson
Your arrogance is shining through,
with every word you say.
And on this dark and cloudy day,
your ego leads your way.

You're just what this world doesn't need,
right from the start!

I see right through you
Your ego leads your way
I see right through you
Your ego leads your way
Track Name: Tear Down Your Idols
Tear Down Your Idols

Here's a story about a kid
He's a kid like you and I
But hes been living his life in the dark

You pulled the plug and let it drain
All of our hopes and dreams
And everything i hold dear to me

Its gone

Stop taking for yourself
And try helping someone else
I can only hope that the hearts i touch
Will take a stand for the lives you have crushed
Track Name: Pressure
You try to pull me down
You try to pull me to my knees
To fuel the person you're trying to be

But it won't work
At least not on me

You try to pull me to my knees
To fuel the person you are trying to be
To be the master of us all
To cut our strings and watch us fall

So now the tables have turned
And you have come to me
About living your life
free and fucking long
Track Name: Narrow Mind
It's sad to see how selfishly we carry out our lives,
while the whole world dies.
It seems to have slipped your mind,
we need each other to survive.

Instead you bitch and wine,
about how you're deprived.

Try to change the world,
a narrow mind at a time.
Track Name: Move On
Don't let them hold you back,
Don't let me, hold you back,
Don't let this hold you back,
Don't live your live in the shame of regret.

It is up to you to change your ways,
be head strong, fight for better days.
I know you got it man, I can see it in your face!
Move on to brighter things, in a brighter place.
Move on to brighter things, in a brighter fucking place!
Move on!
Move on!
Move on to brighter things!

You're the only one; who can make a difference in your life.

So take each stride with pride and live your life.
Track Name: Let It Go
This world's ending in 2012.
This whole worlds fucking going to hell.
If these are the last years of my life,
I'm gonna do what's right; I'm gonna fucking rebel.

Fuck your system,
Fuck your rules,
You're a turtle in this race,
you're gonna lose.
Fuck your system.
Fuck your rules.
We win!
You lose!

We've all been here before,
knocked down, thrown out!
Standing here our backs against the wall,
Clenched fists, we will never fall

You will suffer defeat,
while I'm standing on my own two feet.
So let the good times roll.
Let your last breath go.

Let It Go